Did I mention that Becky has a new journal? I didn't think so. Just in case anyone wants to read it!

I feel like I should be stressed today about hearing from CA. But I am not. Maybe I have already decided that it won't be working out and all I am looking for from them is confirmation of that so I can move with my life and job search. I am so sick of being unhappy with all of this.

Why am I surprised when people tell me that they have read my webpage? I can look at the stats, I know how many hits I get a day (and let me tell you IT IS NOT VERY MANY!!) but for some reason I assume that people don't really read it.

The USB cable I bought for my cell phone shipped today! "From our overseas factory" I wonder how long that will take! I am boring today! Just trying to fill the time until my phone rings or it is time to catch the train to NY for the weekend.

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