New TV

If you want to watch the season premiere of Veronica Mars a week early go here and they will tell you how to see it. I watched it this morning. I can't wait until next week, I have no patience. I get a new Gilmore Girls episode tonight as well! Happy Tuesday!!!

Sometimes you just gotta love being a girl, the guy in the cube next to me was eating something for breakfast that smelled just like McDonald's french fries and being that I am PMSing that is now ALL I can think about. Greasy, salty, hot, potato-y french fries. Must try to resist pull and go to gym at lunch instead! As if that will stop the craving, it won't.

Last night I put on my glasses as soon as I got home and then I had to drive to BART to get Mike and they made my head want to explode. They appear to be fine for watching TV, the computer, reading etc but as soon as I have to focus on far off things my head swims and my eyes ache and want to pop out of my head. Guess I should call and see if they can fix that huh?

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