Iris with Tripod

One of the reasons I wanted a tripod was to be able to use lower ISOs but still get a decent depth of field with my macro shots. Sunday I decided to try it out after using my new macro lens handheld to give the IS a workout on Saturday.

It took a lot more time and patience to set up the shoots, but I think with time I will get better with it. And the results at ISO 100 are much better than 2000 or 3200.

f/6.3 iso 100, 1/6

I think this might be my favorite part of the flower
f/6.3 iso 100, 1/6

This pale yellow background is the Butter paint in our entry.
f/9, ss 1.3s, iso 100

I think the tripod really helped me be thoughtful about how I was shooting instead of just firing off a bunch of frames and hoping for the best. I also took less shots of each setup since I could be more certain the ones I did take would be sharp. I also used my remote, since the self-timer takes too long for me.

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